Is it time to have your insurance reviewed ?
Insurance companies make rate revisions once or twice a year and in
some circumstances even more. While you may not see an immediate
impact, on your renewal is where you will notice a change in your rate. If
you have been with a company for many years, chances are that the
rate has gone up from the time that you initiated the policy. Unless you
get an insurance review from an independent agent you will never know
if you are paying too much for the same or better coverage elsewhere.
As an Independent agent we are not limited only to one company. We
can price your insurance through many different highly rated national
companies. Visit
our companies page to take a look.

If you have not had your insurance reviewed within the last couple of
years, not only might you be paying too much but you might not be
sufficiently covered.  A Homeowners policy should be reviewed every
couple of years to ensure that you are properly covered. With home
prices and construction costs that have escalated you might be

Your Auto policy might not be providing the coverage that you thought
you had either. As changes happen in life and you accumulate assets,
your auto insurance should be increased to protect what you worked so
hard to obtain. Truth is: many times homes are purchased and the auto
policy is never looked at. Sometimes the auto coverage has not been
looked at or changed since it was purchased years ago. This leaved you
open to personal loss in the event of an accident.

Please contact us to review your coverages and give you the piece of
mind that you deserve.
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