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Insurance Basics
Rates differ greatly from company to company. We feel that we
represent a wide range of companies that will allow us to find a good
rate for everybody. Each company has it’s own formula for writing a
policy so no matter what your situation, we can find a solution.  The
one thing insurance companies try to do is predict what level an
insured is likely to file a claim. Several factors can be controlled by
you. Driving record is of course important, but also the vehicle that you
drive plays into effect and so does the zip code you reside in and of
course past claims.

In regards to young drivers  with their limited experience – all
insurance companies look at them as a high risk, that is why for teens
it is important to establish good driving habits at a young age so that in
a couple of years their rates will be reduced. One of the factors that
motivates an insured to shop rates is when their teenager starts to
drive. Rates can double and even triple when adding a young driver.
With 12 companies we can provide a rate that you will be comfortable
with. We also have an excellent article regarding teen driver’s
published in Arizona Parenting and would be more than happy to mail
you a copy. Just use the form on the contact page to request the

Insurance companies want to see a history of insurance and usually
discount their policies based on your history. Don’t worry if you have
no insurance or a lapse in coverage. We have a couple of companies
that specialize in this. Simply let us know your situation and We can
tailor a plan to get you back on track.

Most auto accidents happen in quickly and are a traumatic experience
for the drivers. Many times things are overlooked that not only would
help the claims process. The fist thing that should be done ALWAYS is
call the police. Always allow the police file a report, no matter how
minor the accident is. Without this it is just your word against the other

Always leave the accident scene with the following information:

- Make, model and color of other car involved in the accident -
- Name and address of the other driver -
- Other driver's insurance information, (company name, policy number)
- Name of officer responding to the scene -

Once you return home call claims and report the accident. If the
accident is your fault, then call your own insurance company and
report the accident. If the accident was the other driver's fault, then
you should collect from their insurance company and file the accident
with their claims department. If you do not have the phone number for
their claim department, try the web or call us and we can assist you.

Remember that we are always there for you to help you through the
claims process.
Things to know if you are in an auto accident
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Insurance companies make rate
revisions once or twice a year and in
some circumstances even more.
While you may not see an
immediate impact, on your renewal
is where you will notice a change in
your rate. If you have been with a
company for many years, chances
are that the rate has gone up from
the time that you initiated the policy.
Unless you get an insurance review
from an independent agent you will
never know if you are paying too
much for the same or better
coverage elsewhere. As an
Independent agent we are not
limited only to one company. We
can price your insurance through
many different highly rated national
companies. Visit
our companies
page to take a look.

If you have not had your insurance
reviewed within the last couple of
years, not only might you be paying
too much but you might not be
sufficiently covered.  A Homeowners
policy should be reviewed every
couple of years to ensure that you
are properly covered. With home
prices and construction costs that
have escalated you might be

Your Auto policy might not be
providing the coverage that you
thought you had either. As changes
happen in life and you accumulate
assets, your auto insurance should
be increased to protect what you
worked so hard to obtain. Truth is:
many times homes are purchased
and the auto policy is never looked
at. Sometimes the auto coverage
has not been looked at or changed
since it was purchased years ago.
This leaved you open to personal
loss in the event of an accident.

Please contact us to review your
coverages and give you the piece of
mind that you deserve.
Is it time to have your
insurance reviewed ?
East Valley Insurance, Arizona Auto Insurance, Auto Insurance