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East Valley Insurance represents many National Insurance
companies and will shop your insurance for you!

Competitive rates for any driver. As an Independent Agency, East
Valley Insurance represents many insurance companies.
Guaranteeing that we have competitive pricing for any household. We  
shop your insurance through these companies for you finding you the
best rate! We offer more products to our customers than traditional
agencies, and can adapt to changes in your household with ease. Low
rate, and you'll never find better customer service. We work for you
and not the insurance companies!

Most important to a consumer of insurance products should be the
level of quality, personalized and professional service you get from
your insurance agent. Our agents are available at any time, any day.
Just one phone call or email is all it takes to get what you need. Unlike
those on-line guys, or those insurance giants and customer service
call centers, you've got a real-live person representing you that you
can always count on.

Please feel free to contact us for a
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would be happy to help. Did you know that if your Insurance policy is 2
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too much?

For Auto insurance for the best driver to driver's with major blemishes
on their record. For the experienced driver to the new driver. We have
the right company for everyone!
"We are dedicated and focused on our clients needs and
approach each policy as if it were our own."
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