Are You Paying Too Much For Your
If your agent is a captive agent which has only one brand for one
insurance company. You don't know if you have a good rate, your
agent never shopped around for you! Your agent might not even
know if you are paying too much. Most likely this is true!

If your current policy was purchased directly through an insurance
company, you are written "direct" with that company. In this case you
do not have an agent - you must deal with call centers and on-hold
times. Does the person on the other end of the pphone have your
best interest in mind. Probably not as they represent the insurance
company. Once again, do you have a good rate? You hope so. But
no telling until you shop around.

The advantage of an independent agent such as East Valley
Insurance is that we can price it around through different
companies. Will they all have good rates for you? No, but that is why
we have so many companies that we do business with. We are
confident that we can find that perfect fit for you and save you
money as well. Also periodically we can shop around for you to
make sure that your rate is competitive with the market.  So you can
feel confident that you and your family are protected at the best

East Valley Insurance represents you and your best interest - NOT

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