September 15, 2013

Shopping for insurance? See our tips to make sure that you are  
purchasing the best policy for your situation.

You can see this here:
Tips for insurance shopping.

Does an agent really have your best interest in mind or is it all about
making a sale? If an agent suggests to lower coverage to get you a
better premium, just to make a sale, then they are not doing you any
justice. Any agent or insurance company can get you a lower premium
by providing you less coverage. Even your current insurer! All you have
to do is ask and if your agent does not explain the down side of doing
this, then perhaps it is time to find and agent that actually works for you
and cares!

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In regards to young drivers  with their limited experience – all
insurance companies look at them as a high risk, that is why for
teens it is important to establish good driving habits at a young age
so that in a couple of years their rates will be reduced. One of the
factors that motivates an insured to shop rates is when their
teenager starts to drive. Rates can double and even triple when
adding a young driver. With over 20 companies we can provide a rate
that you will be comfortable with. We also have an excellent article
regarding teen driver’s published in Arizona Parenting and would
be more than happy to mail you a copy. Just use the form on the
contact page to request a review of your insurance!

AUTO - How much liability should  YOU carry?

Insurance consumers may overlook their liability limits as they don't
fully understand how they work. Insurance agents might even try to
hide low limits to save on premiums and make it appear you got a
great deal. If you do not understand what liability insurance covers
you may be underinsured in the event of an accident.

If you cause a serious accident you could get stuck with a bill for
the difference. You will have to pay this difference out of pocket,
and if sued for it could easily spend thousands in legal fees.

An event like this could change the way you live and also puts you
at risk for alternative methods of repayment.

Please give us a call to review your insurance before it is too late!

February 24, 2011

Most auto accidents happen in quickly and are a traumatic
experience for the drivers. Many times things are overlooked that
not only would help the claims process. The fist thing that should be
done ALWAYS is call the police. Always allow the police file a
report, no matter how minor the accident is. Without this it is just
your word against the other driver's.

Always leave the accident scene with the following information:

- Make, model and color of other car involved in the accident -
- Name and address of the other driver -
- Other driver's insurance information, (company name, policy
- Name of officer responding to the scene -

Once you return home call claims and report the accident. If the
accident is your fault, then call your own insurance company and
report the accident. If the accident was the other driver's fault, then
you should collect from their insurance company and file the
accident with their claims department. If you do not have the phone
number for their claim department, try the web or call us and we
can assist you.

Remember that we are always there for you to help you through the
claims process.


Confused about auto insurance coverages. Don't be. Call us and one
of our licensed Arizona Insurance agents will be happy to go over
coverages with you. Here is a brochure available from The Arizona Dept
of Insurance that is helpful